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The St. Marys Area United Way has served the citizens of our community since 1925.  Making a contribution allows you to support 13 local agencies with just one donation.  Our focus areas are education, income, and health - the building blocks for a good quality of life.  We all win when a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable, and when people are healthy.

Because of you, in the past 10 years, we have distributed over $1.5M to local nonprofits.  Your support allows us to continue supporting agencies that provide vital services for children, special needs individuals, libraries, families and individuals in crisis, students, women, senior citizens, and veterans. 

The funds raised by the United Way stay here and go directly toward supporting our families, friends, and neighbors.  Change starts with you. Take action today to make a difference in your community.


2022 CAMPAIGN GOAL $160,000

Campaign Celebration.jpg

The St. Marys Area United Way annually grants funding to nonprofit organizations in Elk County, Pennsylvania. The 2022 campaign goal is $160,000. All funds raised in 2022 will be available for organizations to seek grant funding in 2023.

As a result of COVID-19, we anticipate organizations will continue to have

a greater need for the 2023 grant cycle.  Most of the organizations the United Way fund, do not have revenue-generating services, as they provide services and support to low-income families or specifically to children. 

The St. Marys Area United Way relies on contributions from companies and local individuals. Those donations support the financial needs of non-profit agencies that serve the health and human welfare needs of our community. If you would like to become one of these individual or corporate donors, please call 781-6000 or mail your check to the St. Marys Area United Way, 44 So. St. Marys Street, St. Marys, PA 15857


Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services

Bucktail Council-Boy Scouts

Boys and Girls Club of St. Marys

 Citizens Against Physical Sexual & Emotional Abuse-CAPSEA

Catholic Charities Counseling 

City of St. Marys Recreation and Parks 

Dickinson Center 

Girl Scouts of Western PA

Guardian Angels Center 

St. Marys Public Library

Veteran’s Memorial Eternal Flame

West Penn Volunteering 1.JPG
West Penn and Club Group Picture.JPG

United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for everyone

Our Focus Areas

Living United means being a part of change. It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future.

Ridgway CG Everyone.jpg


The United Way makes sure children and youth can start school ready to succeed, become proficient readers at a young age, stay on track in middle school, earn their high school diplomas,  and pursue higher education or meaningful careers.

Education is a cornerstone for success in school, work and life. It also benefits the whole community: high school graduates have higher earning potential, contribute more to their local economies, are more engaged in their communities, and are more likely to raise kids who also graduate on time.

The United Way supports a comprehensive approach to education that spans all the way from cradle to career. 


United Way empowers people to get on stable financial ground with proven methods like job training, financial wellness classes and more. The result is thriving communities where everyone has more opportunity to succeed.

When people are able to find decent jobs, provide for their families and save for the future, they and their children are more likely to enjoy healthy lives and succeed in school. Everyone benefits, because financially stable individuals and families lead to a more competitive workforce and a stronger community. We work with partners from all sectors of society to connect people to the resources they need to get on more solid financial ground.


The United Way is building healthier, more resilient communities by promoting healthy eating and physical activity, expanding access to quality health care and integrating health into early childhood development.

Good health is both a community responsibility and a community benefit: It goes beyond personal diet, exercise and the many other individual choices we make. The foundation for a healthy life is in the neighborhoods we build and environments we inhabit. When people have access to parks, bike paths, safe playgrounds, healthy foods, and good medical care, they are more likely to succeed in school, work and life.

The United Way is creating solutions that help everyone thrive, creating healthier communities that improve our collective quality of life. We’re focused on expanding access to healthy foods, opportunities for physical activity and quality health care. To do this, we partner with local schools, governments, health agencies and other community-based nonprofits


Grant Application & Procedures

Agencies applying for funding through the St. Marys Area United Way must be a 501 c 3 nonprofit and registered with the PA State Bureau of Charitable Solicitation. If interested in applying you are encouraged to call 814.781.6000 before submitting your grant application.


Organizations seeking funding from the St. Marys Area United Way must describe a positive influence in one or more of the identified influence areas below.

• Education       • Income Stability    • Health   • Poverty   •Youth   • Elderly   • Disabled   • Veteran

Submission of Funding Proposal Application: Six copies of all materials must be received by December 15, 2022 and may be submitted to the St. Marys Area United Way, 44 S. St. Marys Street, St. Marys, PA 15857. An in-person meeting will be scheduled with each agency in January with grant awards announced in February 2023.


                                                                           Photos: These are a few of the organizations that received grant awards in 2021


Click on the PDF icon above to access the

2022 grant application. If you have questions, please call 814.781.6000

Boys and Girls Club Check Presentation 2021.jpg
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Check Presentation 2021.jpg
Catholic Charities Check Presentation 2021.jpg
St Marys Library Check Presentation.jpg
Guardian Angel Check Presentation.jpg

The mission of ADAS mission is to provide quality and compassionate substance use and co-occurring services, empowering individuals to develop responsible, healthy lifestyles.


2022 St. Marys Area United Way Board of Directors

Doug Gaffey,  President

Jim Ryan, Vice-President

Bill Olson, Secretary

Doug Bauer

John Dippold III

Donald Fleming

Jason Gabler

Fr. Ross Miceli

Lewis Murray

Rob O'Leary

Jane Olson

Becky Piccolo

Rachel Rhed

Jim Ryan

Mike Stauffer

Steve Stoltz

Pete Straub

Leah Whiteman

William Conrad, Honorary Board Member 

New President Doug Gaffey.jpg

Photo:  L-R Jason Gabler & Doug Gaffey
Jason Gabler, 2020 and 2021 Board President is being recognized by Doug Gaffey for his two years service as United Way board president. Doug Gaffey will be the board president for 2022 and 2023.         


Jen Dippold, Director

Barb Glatt, Finance Director & Board Treasurer

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The St Marys Area United Way (SMAUW) seeks to engage the entire community in our work without regard to race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, & expression, disability, sexual orientation, veteran-status, familial status or socio-economic status. That commitment will be reflected in all aspects of SMAUW’s service, staffing or volunteer participation. The St. Marys Area United Way opposes all forms of racism.


Get in Touch

44 South St. Marys St.
St. Marys, PA  15857

(814) 781-6000

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James B. Ryan

Leadership Chair

Leadership donors are individuals who donate $500 or more annually to the St. Marys Area United Way.

Donations that were received in 2020 funded partner organizations in 2021

Individual donations are essential for the success of the annual United Way Campaign. 

The 2021 Leadership campaign will start this June. This year's Leadership campaign is being led by

Leadership Chairman James Ryan. Jim and his wife have been Leadership supporters for many years, and Jim is currently a St. Marys Area United Way board member. 

Anyone interested in becoming a Leadership member can mail their check to:


St. Marys Area United Way

44 So. St. Marys Street

St. Marys, PA 15857

If you would like to make a donation today, please use the donate button below. Thank you!


Mr. Stephen Aul

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Azzato

Mr. & Mrs. John Bauer

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Bauer

Mr. & Mrs. David Bobby

Mr. & Mrs. Curt Brennen

Mr. Rodney Brennen

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Brennen

Mr. & Mrs. Devin Brock

Mr. & Mrs. William Brock

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Buchheit

Dr. & Mrs. George Castellano

Mr. & Mrs. William Conrad

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Coppolo

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cuneo

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cunningham

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Cunningham

Mr. & Mrs. Randy DaCanal

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Daghir

Mr. David Decker

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck DeLullo

Mr. & Mrs. David DeLullo

Mr. & Mrs. Jim DeLullo

Mr. & Mrs. Michael DeLullo

Mr. & Mrs. Rick DeLullo

Mr. & Mrs. Robert DeLullo

Mr. Samuel DeLullo

Ms. Jennifer Detsch

Mr. & Mrs. John Dippold III

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dippold

Mr. George Dobson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Eddy

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. P. Fleming

Mr. Jeff Friday

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Gabler

Mr. & Mrs. John (Doug) Gaffey

Mr. & Mrs. George Gausman

Mr. & Mrs. David Geci

Mr. Bill Gerg

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gerg

Ms. Marge Gerg

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gleixner

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Haskell

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Hawkins

Mr. & Mrs. William Hoffman

Mr. Mike Hoy & Ms. Heather Conrad

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jesberger

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kaul

Mrs. Margaret Kaul

Mr. John Kosco

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Krise

Mr. Dan Kronenwetter

Ms. Kris Kronenwetter

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Kuhar

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Lanzel

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lanzel

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lanzel

Mr. & Mrs. William Marshall

Honorable & Mrs. Richard Masson

Mr. & Mrs. John (Doug) McAnany

Mr. & Dr. Scott Meholic

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. John Mulcahy

Mr. & Mrs. David Nedzinski

Dr. & Mrs. Jason Nedzinski

Dr. David Obley

Mr & Mrs. Robert O'Leary

Mr. & Mrs. William Olson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ordiway

Mr. & Mrs. John Piccolo

Mr. & Mrs. David Plows

Mr. J. David Quinn Estate

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Quinn

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Radkowski

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reuscher

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Riddle

Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Robertson

Mr. & Mrs. David Ryan

Mr. & Mrs. James Ryan

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ryan

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Schatz

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schlimm

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Schwabenbauer 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Scutella

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Serianni

Mr. & Mrs. George Shturtz

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sloff

Dr. Rosemaria Ciencieva Sorg

Mr. Scott Stackpole

Mr. Greg Stauffer

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stauffer

Mr. & Mrs. John Sterbank

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Straub III

Mr. & Mrs. John Straub

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Straub

Mr. Stephen Straub

Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Thorwart

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Uberti

Mr. & Mrs. Jude Vavala

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Valentine

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Vollmer

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Whiteman

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Whiteman, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Whiteman

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Whiteman

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Wolfe

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wolfe

Dr. & Mrs. Karl Wolfe

Mr. & Dr. Eric Wonderling

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wortman




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The St Marys Area United Way is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, creed, disability, veteran status, marital status, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin or ancestry, genetics, retaliation, and other legally protected characteristics.