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Give From the Heart


The St. Marys Area United Way has served the citizens of the City of St. Marys, Fox, Jay and Benezette Townships since 1925.  Making a contribution allows you to support 16 local agencies with just one donation.  Our focus areas are education, income, and health - the building blocks for a good quality of life.  We all win when a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable, and when people are healthy.

Because of you, in the past 10 years, we have distributed over $1.5M to local nonprofits.  Your support allows us to continue supporting agencies that provide vital services for children, special needs individuals, libraries, families and individuals in crisis, students, women, senior citizens, and veterans. 

The funds raised by the United Way stay here and go directly toward supporting our families, friends, and neighbors.  Change starts with you. Take action today to make a difference in your community.


What Are People Saying About Us?

“While my involvement was in the past, I have remained close to United Way activities; and I have observed just how critical the United Way remains as a vital funder of those organizations that are on the cutting edge of a higher quality of life for the citizens of our area.”

Dr. William Conrad, Chairman Leadership Committee

"The theme of the first campaign in 1925 was “A Heart for All and All for the Heart.”  A community is only as strong as it citizens and I know the St. Marys area has a heart. It may be a theme from 89 years ago, but it is still relevant today.”

Kris Kronenwetter, Former St. Marys Area United Way Executive Director


United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for everyone

Our Focus Areas

Living United means being a part of change. It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future.



The United Way makes sure children and youth can start school ready to succeed, become proficient readers at a young age, stay on track in middle school, earn their high school diplomas,  and pursue higher education or meaningful careers.

Education is a cornerstone for success in school, work and life. It also benefits the whole community: high school graduates have higher earning potential, contribute more to their local economies, are more engaged in their communities, and are more likely to raise kids who also graduate on time.

The United Way supports a comprehensive approach to education that spans all the way from cradle to career. 


United Way empowers people to get on stable financial ground with proven methods like job training, financial wellness classes and more. The result is thriving communities where everyone has more opportunity to succeed.

When people are able to find decent jobs, provide for their families and save for the future, they and their children are more likely to enjoy healthy lives and succeed in school. Everyone benefits, because financially stable individuals and families lead to a more competitive workforce and a stronger community. We work with partners from all sectors of society to connect people to the resources they need to get on more solid financial ground.


The United Way is building healthier, more resilient communities by promoting healthy eating and physical activity, expanding access to quality health care and integrating health into early childhood development.

Good health is both a community responsibility and a community benefit: It goes beyond personal diet, exercise and the many other individual choices we make. The foundation for a healthy life is in the neighborhoods we build and environments we inhabit. When people have access to parks, bike paths, safe playgrounds, healthy foods, and good medical care, they are more likely to succeed in school, work and life.

The United Way is creating solutions that help everyone thrive, creating healthier communities that improve our collective quality of life. We’re focused on expanding access to healthy foods, opportunities for physical activity and quality health care. To do this, we partner with local schools, governments, health agencies and other community-based nonprofits

Your Donation Allows Us to Offer Continued Support to 16 Area Agencies

Our Partnering Organizations

​If You or Someone You Know Has:

  • Enjoyed a Library Reading Program or Services Offered at the St. Marys Public Library

  • Spent a Hot Afternoon at the St. Marys Community Pool

  • Taken Advantage of Programming at the Boys & Girls Club

  • Needed Help Affording  Newborn Supplies, Shoes, Jackets, or Back to School Clothing For Their Child(ren)

  • Sought Help to Escape Domestic Abuse

  • Admired the Veteran's Memorial or The Eternal Flame and Dedicated Veterans of the St. Marys Burial Detail

  • Needed Help With Addiction

  • Participated in the Boy or Girl Scouts

  • Taken Advantage of Programming for Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities

You Have Seen Your Donation Dollars At Work


The mission of ADAS mission is to provide quality and compassionate substance use and co-occurring services, empowering individuals to develop responsible, healthy lifestyles.


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